In an emergency, such as a crime in progress, you may hesitate to call the police—even if you should. Maybe you’re worried that an intruder will hear your voice on the telephone and harm you, even if you’re hiding out of plain sight. Maybe you don’t want to take the time—or don’t have the time—to provide details of the situation to an officer or dispatcher who answers the telephone at your local police precinct. Maybe it’s all of these things—and you certainly can’t text 911. This is where 1-833-3POLICE comes in.


A non-profit organization, 1-833-3POLICE acts as a support entity to local 911 police authorities. We provide free emergency police notification service to consumers nationwide.


To use the service and request police assistance, you send a simple text stating your emergency to 1-833-3POLICE or fill out and submit an easy-to-complete online form with details of your situation. We will then immediately contact your local police department to request assistance, using our database of telephone numbers for police precincts across the U.S. All calls are recorded, and text messages are stored with your mobile telephone number. And in the event that you want to call us, you can do so toll-free, at 1-833-3POLICE or 1-833-3POLICE.


Click here to read the story of a young girl who was brutally murdered while she was home alone. Instead of contacting the authorities when she heard an intruder repeatedly knocking on the door, she texted her Mom. Had she texted 1-833-3POLICE instead, she would be alive today.

Remember, text 1-“Triple Three Police”—1-833-3POLICE (1-833-376-5423) or alert us to your situation via this form (